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PhD Students

  • Ahmad R. Sheikhhosseini, (PhD 2009-2013) Thesis title: Interactions of nickel with palygorskite, sepiolite and calcite minerals.
  • Somaye Bakhtiari (PhD 2009-2013) Thesis title: Feasibility of using some Iranian Natural and Modified Clays as Sorbent and Carrier of 2,4-D Herbicide.
  • Maryam Salimizadeh, (PhD, 2012-present) Thesis title: Removal of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) from contaminated soils and sediments using phytoremediation and bioaugmentation of PCB-degrading bacteria.
  • Zahra Yahaghi, (PhD, 2012-present) Thesis title: Isolation and characterization of metal-solubilizing bacteia from contaminated soils and their bioaugmentation effects on the mobility and phytoavailability of soil toxic metals.
  • Samaneh Rahmatpour, (PhD, 2012-present) Thesis title: Retention, transport and biological effects of silver nanoparticles in calcareous soils.

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