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Journal Papers

International journals:
1- Shirvani, M., Rafiei*, H. R., Azimzadeh*, B., Amani*, S., Bakhtiary*, S., 2014. Equilibrium, kinetic and thermodynamic studies on nickel removal from aqueous solutions using Ca-bentonite. Desalination and Water Treatment, DOI: 10.1080/19443994.2014.887037
2- Rafiei*, H. R., Shirvani, M., Ogunseitan, O.A. 2014. Removal of Lead from aqueous solutions by a poly(acrylic acid)/bentonite hybrids. Applied Water Science, DOI 10.1007/s13201-014-0228-0
3- Sheikhhosseini*, A., Shirvani, M., Shariatmadari, H., Zvomuya, F., Najafi, B. 2014. Kinetics and thermodynamics of nickel sorption to calcium-palygorskite and calcium-sepiolite. Geoderma 217–218: 111–117.
4- Azimzadeh, Y., Shirvani, M., Shariatmadari, H. 2014. Green manure and overlapped rhizosphere effects on Pb chemical forms in soil and plant uptake in maize/canola intercrop systems: A rhizobox study. Soil and Sediment Contamination, 23:677–690.
5- Shirvani M., Farajollahi, E., Bakhtiary, S., Ogunseitan, O.A. 2014. Mobility and efficacy of 2,4-D from slow-release delivery systems developed based on organo-mineral complexes. Journal of Environmental Science and Health, Part B. 49: 255–262.
6- Soltani*, S., Khoshgoftarmanesh, A. H., Afyuni, M., Shrivani, M., Schulin, R. 2014. The effect of preceding crop on wheat grain zinc concentration and its relationship to total amino acids and dissolved organic carbon in rhizosphere soil solution. Biology and Fertility of Soils, 50: 239-247.
7- Bakhtiary*, S., Shirvani, M., Shariatmadari H. 2013. Adsorption-desorption behavior of 2,4-D on NCP-modified bentonite and zeolite: Implications for slow-release herbicide formulations. Chemosphere 90: 699-705.
8- Bakhtiary*, S., Shirvani, M., Shariatmadari, H. 2013. Characterization and 2,4-D adsorption of sepiolite nanofibers modified by N-cetylpyridinium cations. Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 168: 30-36.
9- Sheikhhosseini*, A., Shirvani, M., Shariatmadari, H. 2013. Competitive sorption of nickel, cadmium, zinc and copper on palygorskite and sepiolite silicate clay minerals. Geoderma 192: 249–253.
10- Khosgoftarmanesh, A. H., Mohaghegh*, P., Sharifnabi, B., Shirvani, M., Khalili, B. 2012. Silicon nutrition and Phytophthora drechsleri infection effects on growth, and concentration and uptake, and relative translocation of mineral nutrients in hydroponic-grown cucumber. Journal of Plant Nutrition 35:1168–1179.
11- Mohaghegh*, P., Khoshgoftarmanesh, A.H., Shirvani, M., Sharifnabi, B., Nili, N. 2011. Effect of silicon nutrition on oxidative stress induced by Phytophthora melonis infection in cucumber. Plant Disease 95:455-460.
12- Shirvani, M., Nourbakhsh, F. 2010. Desferrioxamine-B adsorption to and iron dissolution from palygorskite and sepiolite. Applied Clay Science 48: 393-397.
13- Shirvani, M., Khalili, B., Mohaghegh, P., Ghasemi, S., Arabzadegan, H., Nourbakhsh, F. 2010. Land-use conversion effects on phosphate sorption characteristics in soils of forest and rangeland sites from Zagros Area, Western Iran. Arid Land Research and Management 24: 223-
14- Shirvani, M., Shariatmadari H., Kalbasi, M. 2007. Kinetics of Cd desorption from fibrous silicate clays: Effect of organic ligands and aging. Applied Clay Science 37: 175-184.
15- Shariatmadari, H., Shirvani M., Dehghan R. A. 2007. Availability of organic and inorganic phosphorus fractions to wheat in some calcareous soils. Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis 38: 2601-2617.
16- Shirvani, M., Kalbasi, M., Shariatmadari H., Nourbakhsh, F. Najafi, B. 2006. Sorption-desorption of cadmium in palygorskite, sepiolite and calcite suspensions: Isotherm hysteresis. Chemosphere 65: 2178-2184.
17- Shirvani, M., Shariatmadari H., Kalbasi, M., Nourbakhsh, F., Najafi, B. 2006. Sorption of cadmium on palygorskite, sepiolite and calcite: Equilibria and organic ligand affected kinetics. Colloids and surfaces A, 287:182-190.
18- Shariatmadari, H., Shirvani, M., Jafari, A. 2006. Phosphorus release kinetics and availability in calcareous soils of some arid and semiarid toposequences. Geoderma 132: 261-272.
19- Shirvani, M., Shariatmadari H. Kalbasi, M. 2005. Phosphorus buffering capacity indices as related to soil properties and plant uptake. Journal of Plant Nutrition 28:537-550.
National journals:
20- Azimzadeh*, Y., Shariatmadari, H., Shirvani, M. 2013. Changes in chemical forms and bioavailability of zinc by distance from rhizosphere of single and mixed culture. Applied Soil Research, 1:110-127.
21- Norouzi*, S., Khademi H., Shirvani, M. 2012. Kinetics of potassium release from moscuvite and phlogopite as influenced by organic acids. Iranian Journal of Soil and Water Research 42: 163-174.
22- Mohaghegh*, Shirvani, M., Ghasemi, S. 2011. Silicon application effects on yield and growth of two cucumber genotypes in hydroponics system. Journal of Science and Technology of Greenhouse culture 1:35-40.
23- Shirvani, M., Shariatmadari H. 2002. Application of sorption isotherms for determining the phosphorus buffering indices and the standard P requirement of some calcareous soils in Isfahan. The Journal of Science and Technology of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Water and Soil Science 6:121-130.
Journal Papers

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